About Dr. Forkner

☞ AWARD-WINNING PROFESSIONAL with over 20 years of leadership, research, and educational experience in growing and promoting K-12, undergraduate, graduate university, government, and adult education programs. Experienced research analyst, author, and speaker.

☞ My career is replete with experience leading organizations to success through innovative strategic planning and providing environments where personnel and organizations may thrive. Your partner in career-centered, professional training & marketing!

✯✯ What if… ✯✯

☛…you could enhance your career skills and get ahead in minimal time?
☛…you could reach more of your potential and prepare for the career of your dreams?
☛…enhancing your professional skills could be covered by a federal grant or GI Bill?

✯✯ Then let me show you how you can make it happen today! ✯✯

Specialties: Social Media; Digital Marketing; Education and Training Leadership; Curriculum Development; Strategic Organizational Leadership; Research and Analysis.

Dr. Carl Forkner is Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants. He is the creator of the school’s Digital Marketing with Social Media curriculum, as well as teaching Microsoft Applications courses, Project Management, and Leadership. He has both Basic and Advanced Certifications in Social Media Marketing, SCRUM, ITIL, and Negotiation. Publications include The Ultimate LinkedIn and Facebook Workbook and the curricula and books for seven Cybersecurity courses and leads the 2017 curricula team for Pulse Secure. Dr. Forkner has presented seminars and workshops throughout the Phoenix area on topics such as LinkedIn, the Social Media Job Search, Social Media for Business, and Professional Networking to private clubs, companies, public organizations, and Chambers of Commerce.